BLUE is a brand created by the husband & wife duo behind @BlueCollarPrep. BlueCollarPrep is a men's lifestyle blog which focuses on the fashion, lifestyle, family & travel through the eyes of Eric Wertz, or should we say through the lens of his photographer wife, Sarina!

Hi, I'm Eric! My wife and I have been creating content for @BlueCollarPrep for a few years now and have always wanted to start our own brand. I may be a blue collar union electrician by day, but my love for fashion is my passion. Our BLUE line, although small now, is going to continuously evolve into a collection of all pieces I love and like to wear on the day to day. I take pieces that I love to wear regularly and ask myself, how can I make this better? or in a better fit? or change it in a way that will really elevate my looks? I know what type of pieces I love, and what my followers agree to love, so from that, we give you BLUE! #NotTheColorBlue